Membership Application

To join Gateway City Corvette Association (GCCA) please complete the membership application below.

  • Car Information

    Corvette(s) You Own
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Membership Requirements

  • Membership is based on a calendar year, Jan. through Dec.
  • Each member must be voted on by the membership body. Upon approval, the new member is required to pay an initial fee of $35 due by the next scheduled meeting.
  • The annual membership fee is $150.
  • Renewals are due before March 31st of the calendar year.
  • A member must be eighteen years of age or older and own a corvette.
  • A member or former member of GCCA, in good standing but no longer owns a corvette, can retain membership by paying the annual dues of $150.
  • The monthly meeting is held the third Saturday of each month at 1PM.
  • Members must attend at least three general meetings and two sponsored events.
  • Members are required to dress in GCCA uniform bearing the club’s logo.  The attire is required at all corvette functions such as car shows, fundraisers, parades or anywhere the general can recognize GCCA members. A member no in compliance must pay a fine of $20. After third warning a letter will be sent requesting the member to resign.